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Dear Affiliations

To my affiliations

I have been thinking for a while now and I have decided to drop 9Daily. Why? there are a few reasons. 

First of all I don't like the name anymore, it suggest I'm posting daily and I don't do that because I'm not a newspaper. Second reason is that this website has got so much negative emotions because of everything that has happened that I simply don't feel like coming here, so that is the reason of closing down 9daily.

I will be moving my creations to Dorkistic and this is where I will remain active, even though due the lack of concerts and the lack of motivation I'm also on a hiatus there. I still do things around the website but yeah not activity busy on there.

Regarding of the person on the blacklist, I will not be removing those posts. They will stay and because I stopped with 9Daily that doesn't mean my graphics are free to use and like I said before I ALWAYS will find out when you use it., so don't you dare to use my BTS icons anywhere.

To end this, it's not a goodbye. I will be back just not under 9Daily anymore because I'm stick of the name.


DATE:Wednesday, June 23, 2021 TIME:{4:02 PM} COMMENTS:
Hey mate! This is sad news. Still, see you around!
Aww :( sad to hear. hope to see you around Nine!
Aww :( sad to hear. hope to see you around Nine!

_ Brandi
I am sadden to see you go :(
Sad news, but I hope whatever follows brings you joy.
I look forward to seeing you around~

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