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Welcome on my little blog named 9Daily.
On this website you can find my creativity that I make with Photoshop such as Icons, Wallpapers and more.

Have fun exploring my blog!


Name: 9Daily
Version: 3
Edition: ASTRO
Since: 2018.09.30
Country: The Netherlands


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- New Wallpaper: ft. Taylor Lautner
- New Wallpaper: ft. Dreamcatcher JiU


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#005 Updates
- Updated: About page
- New: Contact page
- #005: Great start of 2019
- Photography Tutorial: How I make my photo's brighter
- New Free Blogger Layout Ft. Lee Hong Ki
- New Layout ft. Astro
- 6 New 9Daily Link Buttons
- New Wallpaper: IDOLM@STER
- New Free Blogger Layout ft. IDOLMASTER

It has been a few months since the  last update blog. I haven't been very active with creating things because of my design block.

I have updated the about page and I made a contact page where you can find my social media's and such. Also I wrote a blog about the start of 2019, I got sick and it was bad.

Many of you probably don't know that I like to photography, I like to visit animal zoo's  in my country and take pictures of the animals. I made a tutorial on how I make my photo's brighter.

I decided to recycle my Hong Ki layout and uploaded it as a freebie blogger layout.

For my current layout (Ver.3 ft. ASTRO) I absolutely had no inspiration but the photo's are pretty on the own so I decided to turn it into a simple layout. Ofcourse with the new layout I made 6 new link buttons for 9Daily.

Also  made another freebie blogger layout ft. a anime girl from the anime IDOLMASTER and there is also a wallpaper of it.

That was it for this time! Have a nice day.


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[PHOTOGRAPHY] Photography Tutorial: How I make my photo's brighter

I remember I once said that I do not want to become a bird photographer and yet when I visit zoo's in The Netherlands I always take many photo's of birds. The reason why I don't want to become one is because it takes lots of patience because birds almost never sit still unlike bigger animals who are a lot easier to be photographed.

In this tutorial I will show you how I have edited the photo's, all the photo's are taken by me at Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

You're not allowed to edit my photo's or use them in your header, layout, icons or whatever. With my photo's I just show you what a simple edit can do to your photo.

I work with Camera Raw in this tutorial. I also like to mention that I always shoot my photo's a bit darker so that they won't be overexposed.

First photo:
image host image host

(Left is the original and Right is the edited ver.)

I went straight to the Camera Raw filter and turned the white balance on Auto. Yes this is very lazy but Camera Raw knows what is the best setting and if you do not agree with it you can always toy around with the colors.

The temperature is: +15
The tint is: +8
(Click on the link to see how it's done)

at this point I still think that the photo is to dark but I clicked on OK.

(How it looks now after the Raw Camera Filter)

Then I duplicated the layer and set the second layer to Screen and the opacity 80%
(Click on the link to see how it's done)

And that was it for this picture, you can see the difference.

Photo 2:
image host image host

(Left is the original and Right is the edited ver.)

For photo 2 the Raw filter is the same as photo 1. (See above how the steps are done.)
I duplicated the layer and set the second layer to Screen and the opacity to 20%

More photo's with the same effect as photo 2:
image host image host image host

That was it, this is how I edit my photo's most of the time, of course I use different brightness settings but I will show you that another time in a other tutorial.


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