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Welcome on my little blog named 9Daily.
On this website you can find my creativity that I make with Photoshop such as Icons, Wallpapers and more.

Have fun exploring my blog!


Name: 9Daily
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Since: 2018.09.30
Country: The Netherlands


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Halloween 2018 Texture

In this tutorial you will learn how I made my Love Live Halloween Texture with the resources that I got from DeviantArt. If you are using this tutorial to make this texture then credit LilithDemoness, Sylwia77 and Frostbo.

What do you need?:
- Workspace: 1366x768px
- Texture 23 & 33 from In The Shadows Texture Pack #40 By LilithDemoness
- Texture 71 By Frostbo
- Background 17 By Sylwia77

Step 1: 
Have your 1366x768px workspace ready and we will first start working with the Texture 23 from LilithDemones texture pack. Copy and paste texture 23 into your working space and drag to the left corner (See Picture 1). Then duplicate that layer and go to Edit - Transform - Flip Vertical and drag that layer down so that it lines up with your first layer (See Picture 2).

Select both layers and duplicate it and then go to Edit - Transform - Flip Horizontal and drag the layers to the right so that it lines up with the left textures (See Picture 3).

Step 2:
Copy and paste Texture 33 into your workspace and make sure it's above the texture 23. If you paste it correctly it lines up in the middle and leave it there then set the layer to lighten and duplicate texture 33. Go to Edit - Transform - Flip Horizontal and drag the duplicated layer to the left and duplicate that layer again and drag it to the right side. If you did it right you will have a stroke in the middle. (See Picture 4).

Step 3:
Copy and paste Texture 71 by Frostbo into your workspace, set layer as lighten. You can drag the texture around a bit until your satisfied. (See Picture 5)

Step 4:
Resize Background 17 by Sylwia77 to 1366 px by clicking on Image - Image Size and then add 1366 at the Width and then click on ok. Then click on Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation - Preset: Sepia and click on ok  (See Picture 6) and then copy and paste the Background 17 onto your workspace and set the layer to hard light.

If you did everything right then you should have this result ^^. As I have mentioned in the beginning please credit LilithDemonessSylwia77 and Frostbo for their textures.


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