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New Layout ft. IU
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So how is everyone doing?
Here in The Netherlands we suddenly got a lot of snow again, it was so much that I couldn't go to my work and took a week off. The cold and snow is coming from syberia or something and it's pretty cold! 

Due being home I had some extra time to work on Dorkistic, who has a new layout made by me. Also decided to change mine on 9Daily as well while I was at it.

The Updates.
There are almost no updates, but I have listed the ones on the sidebar in here.

- Blog: Pissed
So I decided to write a blog with my emotions because I'm really pissed about it. As you know I work for Dorkistic along side with Chazz, it has been mentioned a lot of times (People just cannot read) that I do the layouts, graphics etc because Chazz is on a hiatus but people just refuse to read. 

So this is the last time. I made the Treasure layout, I do the updates and I do it all with Chazz awareness because I talk to her every day.

It really pissed me off that people cannot read and are giving a half ass apology. You know I feel even more "bad" because you are basicly saying: OH! I like your stuff but I'm not going credit you.

- New Layout featuring IU
So my new layout is featuring IU from the serie Hotel Del Luna, I haven't finished watching it yet on Netflix but IU was already one of my favorite korean singers.

I used the template from the Aquaman header to create this one as well, so I have re-used my layout header basicly.

- Icon
The icon on the left side will be posted later on 9Daily, so they will be on the next update.
DATE:Friday, February 12, 2021 TIME:{8:58 PM} COMMENTS:
That's true. Most of the time people don't actually read stuff and just grab this and that, which totally sucks.

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