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Blog: Pissed
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I am beyond pissed right now, 

I don't know how many more times it needs to be said I WORK FOR DORKISTIC.
You know all that hard work you see on Dorkistic that is my hard working.

I work together with Chazz on Dorkistic but as you might not know is that Chazz is on a hiatus for the longest time. I do speak daily with her and update her what I do on Dorkistic and that I'm really, really, really get annoyed by the fact that people can't read.

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So what does it say? Layout by Chazz that means the coding which you btw cannot steal for basecoding.
Header by: Nine

Well who is that bitch Nine? I don't know her maybe she's my twin sister or something?.

And we go to the next example

image host
Click on the photo to make it bigger so you can actually READ IT.

What does it say? Made by Nine and Made by Chazzie, that is one thing how to keep it apart. We both have a very different graphic design style.

image host 

If you acutally go check my pages I have this nice page FAQ which says: do you work for Dorkistic.
It's btw marked with red for those that obviously have trouble reading.
Yes, If you visit dorkistic you can see my designs and I also often make the layout.

Do I write Chinese or Dutch? is it that hard to understand what I write? because if I write in a other language that you can't read then I will be sure to write it in English next time.

Since it's not clear enough on how I feel even though the title says pissed let me explain it to you.
Every time people do not acknowledge my work on Dorkistc it feels like this.

"Oh I love your designs, I'm gonna use it but I will not credit you for it."


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