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Blacklist Reason: Pim

 Why is Pim blacklisted? Here is the reason and all the proof. More information about nicknames, emails etc can be found here.

Pim is a narcissistich manipulative stalker, if she doesn't get what she wants from you then she will call you a bully while you did nothing wrong. Pim just can't handle the word No. If you don't finish her request in 24 hour she will be "crying" how nobody wants to help her and that you are to busy, in her dictonary there no such thing as having a life outside of the internet because you must be there for her 24/7. She has made many victims and you can read it on sandranoqui.livejournal

On 9Daily there are a total of 3 blogs (so far) about Pim. 
Pim has been bothering me for years and I don't have enough proof of it since I just recently started to collect evidence of everything that has happened. In the 9Daily: So Done blog you can read more about how Pim has pretended to be someone else and think she could have got away with all the dirt she did to other just by changing her name, also in the comments there are many more comments from people who have had/have the same problem as me. 

Pim also has been trying to hack into Milkshake website, there is enough proof of her hacking into it but the question is Why is Pim hacking into the website? there were only some graphics on it but why go so far into trying to hack a website for graphics? that is a bit sad right? In the 9Daily: Disturbing Message you can see what the anon person has said to Pim on her (pim) website so that words cannot be twisted by Pim, obviously this anon was tired of all the bullying by Pim.

Pim has been stealing my Jungkook Icon(s) that I (Nine) made while Pim knows she cannot use my icons because she on the blacklist. You can read more and see the proof on 9Daily: Pim stealing icon.

And I'm not the only one on the internet Tiffany of Love is Zero has also been dealing with Pim for year. On May 24, 2013 Tiffany posted a blog called The Situation and on January 6, 2014 Tiffany posted Seriously? And there is more! (what a suprise) Tiffany is telling in her lastest blog Why is your apology untrustworthy about how abusive Pim can get when you are not fast enough and there is more then enough proof in the blog.

So why I'm writing this all down? because people need to be warned about Pim and that is why I have added her Facebook and Twitter and email as well so that people can block it. 

Also good to know is that she lives in Myrtle Beach and uses a outdatet ipad.

If you have any more information about Pim then please do not hesitate to email me.
And if you need more proof: Check ThePimFiles.

I can not fight Pim alone and I know there are people who are going through the same things as me and I just want to say you're not alone. 


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