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Updates: Last Day Of January 2021
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Hello everyone!,
It's the last day of January and I had a few updates on 9Daily! 
It was really a creative week and I hope it will last for a while because I really hate a graphic design block.

New Photoshop Action:
I made a new photoshop action which is number two that is on the website. It's named the The Dark Forest because it makes anything green a lot darker. On The photo below you can see the photoshop action image, the light parts are the original and the dark parts is with the photoshop action. If you are using it give 9Daily or my deviantart page a credit and don't be shy to show what you have made.

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The Header Collection:
Yes the header collection is back, at first I didn't want to bring the header section back but then again I don't want to limit my creativity just to icons or my own layouts. The first header that I have is Aquaman, I love Jason Momoa and I have seen the movies atleast 8 times in the cinema and around 18 times on Netflix. This 

image host

The Color Scheme Collection:
Since a lot of people struggle with my headers and to colors I have decided to make a color scheme, how youa re using it that your own creativity but all these colors go well with the headers that I made. You can easily see which header has which color scheme since I have added the header along with the color scheme, just copy and paste it on the program you are using and then with a color picker you can see the color code.

image host

New Blogger Layout:
And to end it with Aquaman, I also made a blogger/blogspot layout feating Aquaman.

image host

That was it for this week, and a small reminder Pim has decided to delete her new twitter so she still visits 9Daily and see that I update everytime, so everyone keep your eye out on her new twitter for me please.


DATE:Sunday, January 31, 2021 TIME:{9:33 PM} COMMENTS:
At least 8 times in the cinema! Wild.

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