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The Header Collection

...Don't use my Headers if you are on the Blacklist...
There are currently two people on there, you have been warned enough.

...Do not edit my Headers in any ways...
It's not allowed to put your site name on it, or resize it. If you don't like what I make then what are you doing here?

...Before spamming my chatbox with questions go see if it has been answered in the FAQ page...
If the question is not there then ask in the chatbox

Welcome to my Header Collection page, here you can find all my Headers that you can use with stylesheets but don't edit your site name on my header, follow the rules of the stylesheet owner. If you make your own layout for your website, you are also allowed to use my headers aslong as you credit and the rules of don't edit the header or put your website name on it. It's only allowed to for personal use.

image host
Header Size: 1000x300
Can be used with plasteeq stylesheet number 5.


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