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January 2021 Update
image host
First of all I want to start with a thank you to the people who have giving me great advice about the future of 9Daily. You might have noticed I have decided to continue and share my graphics again. 

You might have seen there are now a lot more pages then before and I will be talking about every page that I have updated.

The Anime Collection:
I have added the download link of the All Might (Boku No Hero Academia), I also added the Sword Art Online icons that I have made when I was sort of absent. I recently started to watch the anime but I don't really like it so I have ditched it but still I wanted to make some icons. The Icon on this post is from the set I have made, you can download it through my deviantart.

The BTS Collection:
All of the BTS graphics are back online and ready to be downloaded, yes even the Jungkook ones that Pim stole, so if you see her stealing it again or any other icons or stuff let me know because I will give her hell. (you have been warned again in case if you think you are forgiven.)

The Blogspot Layout Collection:
I will add there all of my premade layouts for blogger/blogspot. If you didn't know blogger/blogspot is where 9Daily is hosted. Currently there is one layout listed there which is the Agust D - Daechwita one.
You know: Who's the King, Who's the Boss (which is me lol, my graphics designs, my rules.)

The Tumblr Layout Collection:
The page is still in the making so it's not there yet.

The Photoshop Action Collection:
This is where I will post my Photoshop Actions, feel free to use it (Unless you're on the blacklist, again a warning.) a credit would be nice though and don't be afraid to show me what you made with it.

Currently there is one Photoshop Action, which is the Darkness Of The Moon, you can see the effect of the Icon on this post because I made it from that.

The Blacklist:
The blacklist had a update with Pim's new twitter, added Tiffany (Love is Zero) her story which you all should read.

Okay that was it for this blog update.
Thank you all for the kind words and support, together we will stand strong and those who are in doubt on what to do, you can become a hero too. Share your story by emailing me.


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