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Merry Christmas etc..etc..
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Hello everyone, 
How are you doing? well you can see that I have changed my layout again. why? because I'm not really in the mood for a christmas layout because of "you-know-who" so I kinda yeet J-Hope out (sorry J-Hope still love you) and this new one was made.

I'm a huge fan of Boku No Hero Academia and especially Deku and All Might. If you have seen the anime then you know Deku is a huge fan of All Might and well I'm the same. 

You might have noticed that all of my graphic pages are gone and only two are back which is The BTS Collection and The Anime Collection, more will be coming soon but I'm cleaning up first.

Oh and if you are wondering how you can download my stuff, you can't. good luck cutting out the previews because I made the effort to make them extremely ugly by adding white big stripes and adding text through it, just because I can.

There is a new page with Rules, which is just the basic rules that are on my graphic page but apparently you can never have them enough.

I have updated the frequently asked questions, so before you want to ask a question, check it there.

A new Affiliation / link me page which features All Might.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and if you have any questions (that haven't been answered yet) you can ask them in the chatbox or if it's private then send me a email.

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