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It has been a while

It has been a while since I posted a updated and there are a few reasons for that.

In September I had 2 weeks of vacation and I didn't want to touch my laptop and design during that time and I was just tired and didn't feel like doing some graphic designing.

The third reason is was that I have been working a lot on Dorkistic and making a new layout ft Yooa that fits with the autumn season. I still find it very funny that you all don't reconize my graphic designing style ( and yes I'm salty about it ). And I have been giving Dorkistic a bit of a makeover and found Chazzie old graphic designs. So yeah that basicly why there were no updates on 9Daily. I was just busy working on the other (Dorkistic obviously.) website.

I finally managed to change my layout on 9Daily as well which was hard because I still really like the Jungkook one but it's time for the christmas layout even if it's still a bit early, but who knows when I will update since I'm busy.

This time I have featured J-Hope (who is also a BTS member) on my xmas layout.

That was it for now, and a little warning don't steal my J-hope icon and make it yours ( I know you are still stalking ) because it's not on the site yet but it will be soon + I have the PSD file so I have PROOF that I have made it.

Edit: Icon has been removed due someone named pim stealing my designs.


DATE:Sunday, November 29, 2020 TIME:{5:10 PM} COMMENTS:
Ah, it's become Christmasy around here. :D
Omg that little creature is still lurking?! I could've sworn I had ran across a website of hers not too long ago, and I'm still seeing that she's harassing people on DevintArt for graphics as well. She's in like her 30/40's doing this.. it's sad.

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