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Updates: New banners, Taylor Swift and more

 Hello everyone!
I'm pretty exhausted because the past few days I have been coding my butt off for every graphic page 9Daily has and made the rules a bit shorter and neat but that doesn't mean the rules have changed.

Okay the story why I decided to change the image banner, since I went from a big layout to a much smaller layout the image banners were kinda to big for this layout so I have resized them quite a bit down but I finished it all today.

I also added the Color Scheme page and a new headers page with two new headers and if you want to use one of my headers please read the rules carefully. (Thank You)

I also made a Taylor Swift wallpaper which is the same as the header I made and I have to say it turned out pretty well for a non kpop wallpaper. 

Edit: wallpaper has been removed.

And as last there is a new blog post at the important section on sidebar which I suggest you read because it's bad and if you feel the same way as me then you should do what I did and make a blacklist or say it in the rules on your website. Will it stop? maybe? who knows it's better then doing nothing and if you don't want your stuff to be used.

That was it for now and tomorrow I will be making a Facebook cover of the same header and wallpaper + a icon and I might even throw some 100x100 or 100x150 icons with it too.

Edit: Icon has been removed due someone named pim stealing my designs.


DATE:Friday, September 11, 2020 TIME:{12:55 AM} COMMENTS:

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