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New Layout

Hello, everyone
As you can see I have changed my layout and this time it's another BTS member and it's the youngest member Jungkook. It was his birthday yesterday and well I got a little creative and was able to make a  new layout for 9Daily. On BTS album 7 Jungkook has a solo song which is named My Time and I really that song. 

As for 9Daily updates I don't have a lot of updates. 
I have made 4 Jungkook icons that are matching with my layout and a twitter cover of HISTORY which is group I used to really like until it got spoiled by someone because of sexualizing the oldest member of the group because of his abs. I really dislike abs and maybe I'm not normal for thinking that way but that is why I'm asexual, I don't stan a group because of abs. I stan a group because I like their music and not the way the look.

I'm also planning to release a few headers that I have made and I really wanna make more in the future. I also have changed the header page a bit, I see that a few of my affiliations are offering stylesheets so I have been looking for some header sizes they use and I will be making some headers with their size so people can use the headers along their stylesheet and no worries I will also be making a page with color scheme to help you out with the coloring.

So if you are offering stylesheets then drop the link of your website in my comments or in my shoutbox and I will add you on the page of the headers!

Edit: Icon has been removed due someone named pim stealing my designs.


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