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Disturbing message
Two days ago I got a email from a anon person with a disturbing message that Pim keeps trying to hack into Milkshake their website, so I decided to email the Milkshake owners and I got a confirm that it indeed has happened and it was not one time it has happened before apparently and that is why they have gone on a hiatus.

This anon person has send me a email with a screenshot with a comment they posted on Pim's website as a warning in case Pim is twisting the anon their words.. 

The comment says following:

Stop hacking milkshake their website Pim.
Make your own designs or leave everyone alone. No one likes you in the siteworld because of your lies.You are the one who is the bully and enough is enough.

You think our lives are so perfect well let me tell you they are not, we aren't cinderella and her prince. We have a site to escape our stress in daily life and then we have deal with you and your big mouth.

There is enough proof of you hacking website and bullying.
Do you really want us to contact your family on facebook and show them what you do at night on your tablet?

If you want a place in the siteworld then stop with what you are doing right now or you will lose this website hosting too.

image host 

So after this I checked Pim's website and it seems to be that it's gone? but hacking is a serious problem and I never expected that it would go this far but I agree enough is enough.
DATE:Saturday, September 5, 2020 TIME:{5:27 PM} COMMENTS:

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