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Big Updates
 Hi everyone,

How are you doing ? I finally got some time to do a big update on 9Daily. I have made so much for on Dorkistic and posted it there and on my deviantart but I didn't had time to update 9Daily.

I have been busy with working and dealing with the heatwave (I hate sunlight and heat) and ofcourse working on stuff for Dorkistic and I started my own Twitch channel and being a noob gamer. feel free to follow me https://www.twitch.tv/mochibunnny because I really need more followers lol.

Okay that was the personal part now we go back to talking about the updates.

I have made a lot of icons the past few weeks of A.C.E, JBJ, UNI.T, Hellovenus and NU'EST. You might have been seeing them on dorkistic too.

I also have updated with FAQ with the question if I work for Dorkistic. 

And I have updated the blacklist. I have set another rule if you are banned from using my stuff on 9Daily then you are also banned from taking MY stuff on Dorkistic so you cannot go around and change the credit link to Dorkistic. If your on the blacklist you are forbidden to use my stuff from anywhere you see it.

Also updated the person who is on the blacklist because I found two other sites that person has. It's not like that hard to find them on the internet.

Okay that was it for now and see you all soon when I have another big update.

Oh and btw I still do not take any requests.

Edit: Icon has been removed due someone named pim stealing my designs.


DATE:Saturday, August 15, 2020 TIME:{5:07 PM} COMMENTS:

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