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Small Update
Hello everyone, Small update here, I'm still doing some changes on the site because I don't like the way it looks atm.
I also made some new graphics featuring Agust D aka BTS Suga. He came out with his new mixtape and as a request I got ask to make something of the Joseon Suga which was a bit of a struggle but I really like the outcome.

And yes I usually don't take requests but this was more of a suggestion then a request. I made some Facebook covers, Twitter covers, FB and Twitter icons and the wallpaper that is above.

I also celebrate my birthday few ago  and it was nice even though it's celebrated during CORVID-19 pandemic but yeah life isn't perfect and you gotta do what you can do with this virus.
DATE:Friday, May 29, 2020 TIME:{1:35 PM} COMMENTS:

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