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revamp / hiatus
I'm going on a revamp/hiatus modus because 9Daily will no longer be a personal website. I'm not even sure if I will be active here for a while. I just might just post some stuff or not it all depends on how it goes.

I'm really done with everything and I'm not being the scary bully that bitch is claiming to be and there is a lot of proof what that woman is doing on the internet for more 10 years and you can read it all here https://sandranoqui.livejournal.com/334.html and it's the truth.

I'm now going to take my leave and work on 9Daily and there will be new rules in the future because I will forbid you pim / starla or any name you go by to use or share my designs.
DATE:Saturday, May 9, 2020 TIME:{10:45 PM} COMMENTS:
Long comment ahead~ I wish you the best of luck with whatever comes in your future! I know Pim can be troublesome. She was bothering me recently, asking on tumblr for graphics. I asked what kind she wanted, she demanded icons, and then got angry because I didn't make them immediately. I wasn't online and hadn't seen the request but she's the only one I know of constantly requesting icons on anime characters.

I found her IP on cbox and saw it was from either North or South Carolina, wherever she lives, and told her to stop commenting. When I saw starla I knew it was her, the same css/layout and header. Pretty obvious. I didn't know so many people disliked her, but I denied her for affiliation a while back due to drama on her site.

Please don't take anything she says to heart. I have never seen you act mean or bully anyone, but I've seen her do so many times. Pim seems to have a lot of issues with herself that she needs to work out. You seem like a genuinely nice person and I'll definitely look forward to any updates you have if you decide to update. Your graphics are always a major inspiration for me.
- Jessica at itsumo-resources.org
I'm so sorry love, because I know exactly how this feels because it keeps happening to me, and I keep not wanting to speak out or give it attention. I hate that the same thing is happening to you, because she plays victim so well people don't care who the real victim is and she doesn't feel bad about defamation and lying. Let me know if there is anything I can do.
love is zero

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