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The Blacklist
Where people are getting banned from using my stuff, if you see someone who is on the blacklist using my stuff then please send me a email with a screenshot and more information. If you are on here then you will also be on banned on Dorkistic and you will be putted on Dorkistic Blacklist.

Pim Pimolruk Popra
Known as: Starla, xxmooniexolove, beachgrlsc, chibishygirl, mooniewolfe, xXmooniewolfeXx,
Littlesadwolf, Salester, hearts0ng17, iheartwolvespim, blueheartspim
Websites: starnyxi.candyrain, shatteredsoul.iceglow, starnyxi.blogspot, http://starnyxi.haliya.net/
Accounts: deviantart.com (xxmooniexoclove), .furaffinity.net (mooniewolfe)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pimolruk.popra
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mooniewolfe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/starnyxi2020 (deleted). https://twitter.com/gthhdap1286 (deleted)
Email: starnyxistarla2020@hotmail.com, mysticdpim@gmail.com 

The reason has become to long with all the story and all the proof so I have giving it a page on it's own.
You can find the "reason" here.


Second person on the blacklist has been removed, due the promise of not using or copying my stuff.


DATE:Thursday, May 14, 2020 TIME:{9:24 PM} COMMENTS:

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