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9Daily is back from revamp
Hello everyone,
9Daily is done with the revamp and I like the small website.
However there are some big changes on the website.

9Daily will be no longer a personal website, it's a graphic website and no I don't take any graphic requests.

There is a blacklist and I put it on the website because I can't block people from viewing my site but I can however put people on there that I don't like and have done enough shit to me. If you see someone on that list using my stuff which I have now forbidden then please take a screenshot and email it to me.

I also decided to sort out the icons and made a page for each size of icons. Also on every graphic page I have putted some rule. It might be childish but follow them and yes I also forbid Pim/Starla for using my stuff, she is on the blacklist for a reason which you can read on the blacklist page.

Oh Pim I know you are visiting my site and I have a message for you. I saw your anti bullying post and I just wanted to say everyone in the site world get's along fine with each other just not with you and your message on your website: "Go to hell" go to hell yourself.

Okay back to the site updates.
I won't be updating a lot for a while because I'm still going on a hiatus but I will still be here checking the website and respond to messages and maybe along the way update some stuff that I made, like today I made some shadowhunters icons.

I really like that serie and I even met katherine mcnamara last year on a convention. It has been a goo d year I think since I finished the serie and I saw my photo with katherine and I was like I'm going to make some shadowhunters icons.

That was it for this blog.
See you next time.

DATE:Friday, May 15, 2020 TIME:{5:03 PM} COMMENTS:
Hahaha! Funnily enough, I first came across Pim a few years back when she requested for an avatar. Then just this year she resurfaced and requested for another one. Life got in the way and I wasn't able to make it immediately and she was demanding as if she was paying me. Ended up just ignoring her.

I was about to ask her but ended up not doing so, but it could be that she's still young and only acts her age. Still, it's annoying.

P.S. Could we exchange links? I'm leaving mine in the chatbox.

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