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So done.
Okay I decided to make a blog about this because this has gone way to far now and I'm done with this person named Pim.

I have been gone for a few weeks and when I visited affies some and I saw apparently she pulled the same tricks like she always does. She promise to change but she never does.

So I happened to see a comment in my cbox and it went by the name Starla which is Pim (Found this out today).  saying "Hi! That's cool you're a Kpop site it's hard to find Kpop designs outside of deviantart. I like the blue calming colors in your layout too" Okay like WTF you have been following/stalking me for years and you are really going to pretend you just "came" across my website?

Pim is trying to pretend to be someone else and she really think she could pull it off by changing her name into Starla. It was easy to find out because she always talk about the alcoholic family member and I also noticed "Starla" used the same headers as Pim.

So I decided to email Pim about it because I was annoyed by it because she really think that she can change her name and think that everyone that she treated wrong will forget about Pim and like Starla.

So it was rebranding purpose, my ass and because I exposed her she blocked me from her site, well guess what Pim what might shock you: I used a IP changer to view your site and just because I exposed you decided to make post explaining yourself.

And even if you feel sad again and sorry I will not accept your apology ever again, you have had enough changes and I'm done with you and I hate you.

And stop following me on deviantart because I know you are xxmooniexoclove. I'm done with you, I thought I should give you a another chance in 2019 but you blew it, so get lost.

If you want to read more about Pim and her behaviour because she is not doing this only to me but to many others then read this blog. https://sandranoqui.livejournal.com/334.html it's the truth.
DATE:Thursday, April 30, 2020 TIME:{10:59 PM} COMMENTS:
Oh emm gee! Everyone having problems with this person.. I just emailed my host about her and her "starnyxi" website. This person pops up trolling people, and it's really annoying. I had a run in with pim yearssss ago.. like when DeviantArt first came to the web. She followed me from my old website, to there.. it got out of control when she began harassing me for graphics, even when I told her that I was busy and did in face have a life outside of the WWW. I'm not even sure who this person is.. and it's beyond creepy.
What's crazy is once I saw the comments she left in my Cbox, I knew right off the back that it was her. Like you said, using the exact same headers, a completely brand new site and the name was all too cliche. "Moonieclove(if that was her old one)" "starnyxi" and a few other website names she's gone under.
You have every right to feel that way, and aw your name is beautiful! I never would've guessed having known you as Nine all this time. But thats cool lol mines is Monique, but I prefer Monay as a lot of people have mispronounced my name as well.. Plus with all the creeps online lol
Dang, I remember when I had problems with this person on my old website. How is she still around and doing the same stuff for years? :/ I'm sorry you're going through this!

Meaghan | http://enigmatic.me

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