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The Young Bros Files: Ravi In Amsterdam The Final Report
Today I'm writing the final report of the Ravi concert in Amsterdam organized by Young Bros. It has been very stressful weeks of fighting what we deserve but we finally got our photo's.

Will Young Bros learn their lesson? I doubt it, but at least I can warn other people for Young Bros upcoming tours.

All I can say is you have been warned, I can understand that you want to see your favorite group or artists but do understand that your concert experience might get ruined by Young Bros.

On October 31, 2018 I went to Ravi's concert in Amsterdam which was organized by Young Bros.
I paid 143 euro's for a VIP ticket, so you had early entry and Hi-Touch + Photo and a Meet and Greet.

but the Meet & Greet never happened because Young Bros said that the Hi-Touch was the Meet and Greet and they actually advertised the Meet & Greet separately, probably to sell more VIP tickets.

And the Hi-Touch was more a Hi & Bye there was barely a touch with Ravi's hand because the staff kept yelling TOUCH, SIT, CAMERA, BYE.

They were yelling at us because before us you had the VVIP and they also had the High Touch and photo and Young Bro's forgot that the VIP was still standing outside after a hour, so they rushed us.

We also had to wait inside for a hour until we saw Ravi because the DJ was still busy with his soundcheck with way too way to much bass which also made it hard to hear what Ravi said during the concert.

I think around two weeks ago all the photo's from the Hi-Touch from the tour were uploaded but Amsterdam and Bucharest were missing. We tried to communicate with Young Bros but that was hard because they "couldn't" answer or questions, because they kept lying and their web of lies got bigger and bigger and they couldn't get out of it.

And they wouldn't tell us why the photo's of Amsterdam and Bucharest were missing, they told us to wait 3-4 days and after two weeks we still got nothing.

And the photographer of Amsterdam already posted her photo with Ravi on her Instagram so we already knew that Young Bros had the photo's. She had to take it down because Young Bros told her to take it down.

I honestly got even more angry when the days were passing by, when I was really done with YB, I told them that I would file a police report because they are scammers and I would have them and the whole team to get investigated and I know when they would be in The Netherlands again.

On 4 December, 2018 there was a tweet by Young Bros which is now deleted because I pointed out their big fat lie.

"All the photo's from the concert are to be published in 2-3 weeks after the artist's tour. According to our policy, photo's from all the cities are uploaded on one day. However this takes quite a long time so our team is kindly asking for your opinion!"

What is wrong with this?

1. They blame the photographers that the editing takes long (photo's aren't even edited only cropped)

2. They blame Jellyfish because they have to check all the photo's, which is bullshit. We paid for the photo's so if we look weird on the 3 photo's that are taken that is our problem and responsibility and if Ravi looks weird on a photo that is his responsibility because Jellyfish cannot say: These photo's of this group cannot be uploaded because Ravi looks weird/ugly on the photo. That would mean that 6 fans wouldn't get their photo that they have PAID for.

3. And now the big fat lie: "Photos from all the cities are uploaded on one day." Uploaded on ONE DAY then why was Amsterdam and Bucharest missing? they had the photo's so they were lying and they just didn't wanted to upload it.


We finally got our photo's and it's a huge disappointment, the photo is small and the quality is really bad and that is what you get when Young Bro's hires fans to be a photographer instead of a professional photographer.

Want to see more proof that Young Bros isn't a good concert organizer? Go check this twitter https://twitter.com/YoungbrosExpsed Also if something bad happens during a tour then be sure to send a tweet to YoungbrosExpsed.


DATE:Sunday, December 9, 2018 TIME:{10:42 PM} COMMENTS:
The sad part it seems like you and others still didn't get everything you paid for. At least your warning others about what will happen. I just wish that there was more accountability for things like this, I know recently it happened with a conference called tanacon and a music festive that was a hoax. People where out so much money, and they all got away with it. It's just a shame that this happens so much.

Yeah it's a shame but hopefully we can warn othere

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