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My experience with Young Bro's
On October 31 I went to Ravi's concert in Amsterdam. The concert was organized by Young Bro's and this was my first time going to a concert that was organized by Young Bro's.

I paid 143 euro's and I had a VIP ticket.
We were suppose to have a Meet & Greet and Hi Touch with Ravi but I already read online from other concerts of the tour that there was only a Hi Touch and it wasn't really a Hi Touch it was barely a touch the staff kept yelling TOUCH and SIT CAMERA BYE.

And that was already a bad experience but standing outside for a hour longer and being rushed to the Hi Touch and then waiting ONE HOUR inside the venue because the DJ wasn't ready with setting up his stuff and didn't do a soundcheck and the bass was so horrible that I got so sick that I wanted to puke.

The DJ tried to hype us up but we were only hyped for Ravi and after a hour we finally got to see Ravi on the stage and that was basically
only the best thing of the day.

I'm really trying to find something positive but it's really hard, I think Young Bro's should focus on their parties and stop being a concert

And I'm not the only one who thinks of this, I have included some reviews by Ravi fans that went to the concert in Amsterdam and to the other
countries where the concert was.
Starlight 1 had a VVIP ticket and here is her review of the experience of the concert in Amsterdam.

- Letting people que up for the VVIP / VIP Line way to early and let them wait for a long time in the cold
- Telling the VVIP line we have to wait "just 5 more minutes" for one hour straight, just because they fucked up to plan it right.
- Delaying the start of the """""Meet & Greet""""", which was more a Hi&Bye.
- Staff of the venue and Staff of Youngbros didnt even knew whats happening next.
- The merch didnt arrived in time. so we all had to wait to get our copies of the "polaroid" and the T-Shirt.
- People standing at the back of the VVIP line had the chance to walk straight to the lowest numbers just to fill up the Group of 6 for the pictures.
- the staff was so fuckin unfriendly and treated us like dumb animals.  and no one had an answer if someone had a question.
- the venue acoustics were bad and the DJ used too much bass. in general the quality of the music was bad and it was hard to understand ravi.
- using Ravi as an excuse for delaying the start of the show is shit. This poor guy wanted to meet his fans and got betrayed by a shitty "entertainment"
- no pictures of the hi&bye after two weeks. we paid a lot of money for nothing.

Starlight 1 also went the concert in Cologne and had a VIP ticket.

- nearly the same bullshit as Amsterdam, but worse.
- More than 200 VVIPs AND 200 VIPs sold. Some VIPs didnt even had the chance to meet Ravi, even tho they paid for it.
- Got in the venue at 20:15 ~ (and waiting since 18:00, other people waited a lot longer and more)
- Got seperated with my friends and i tried to tell the "nice" bitch we were a group of SIX and she just said "at least ravi is on the picture" and "if you dont want that go straight inside the venue". Like wtf bitch, shut the fuck up?
- we had to SIT ON A FUCKIN PICTURE? Like the hell. Do they know how dumb you look while sitting?
- the venue was small. too small and too many tickets.
- the stage... lol wtf was this stage??!?!??! you couldnt even see Ravi from behind.
- some people didnt even had the chance to meet ravi with VIP tickets.
- Ravi nearly broke down crying because he was so sad. he looked so done with the world.
- Misleading information for realising the pictures. Like first they told me it will be one week after the tour and now its 2-3 weeks.

The ONLY good thing about Youngbros were: The Shirts had a good quality and wasn't asian-Onesize.


DATE:Monday, November 12, 2018 TIME:{8:56 PM} COMMENTS:
This there an authority to complain to? Because you should get what you paid for, and if you didn't you should get your money back, plus the bad experience. Also, if the venue was over crowned you should beable to say something to the venue that it was purposely overbooked, they might fine the artist and the person who organized the concert as they should be fined.

I'm actually demisexual which is under the ace umbrella, I don't like being touched by people I don't know well/or well either. I'm not personally anti-relationship, but someone would have to be worth a hell a lot of trouble for me to go that trouble of messing up my lifestyle. I'm definitely content with being alone, and I am not easy to love or to love others. I rather just focus on what I like to do and activism.


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