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Welcome on my little blog named 9Daily.
On this website you can find my creativity that I make with Photoshop such as Icons, Wallpapers and more.

Have fun exploring my blog!


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BLOG: #001: Not a good day
So my first blog isn't going to be fun.
Today when I went to work, I found a death cat in front of my storage where I store my bike. Honestly I never have seen a death cat before so I was really shocked and went back upstairs to my mom to tell about the death cat.

I called the animal service / shelter that I found a death cat and they had to come and get it. In the meantime I got a box and putted on some gloves and went back downstairs to put the cat in a box so it would be easier for the animal service to take it with them.

The cat got hit by a car and the people who were in it have shoved him to the side and left him to die, which is really heartless.

So for me it wasn't a great morning and I was worried that I couldn't find the owner but my mom found the owner and he was of course very sad but was happy that I took care of his cat.

So tonight I will be able to sleep better.


DATE:Friday, October 12, 2018 TIME:{12:01 AM} COMMENTS:
:( I've seen a dead kitten at work, someone left it at my old job (gas station). It was horrible that someone would do that leave a new born kitten to die in the cold (it was winter). They knew what they were doing because they left it in shoe box. I had to go put it near the dumpster, I told the manager at the time I couldn't actually put the poor thing in the trash like they was trash. :( So, in this case it was a piece of crap owner who did it.

I watched my bunny died a few years ago, I loved him too. </3 I still haven't got another bunny, it happened over two years ago. Right now, I am taking care of my twin's bunnies. They are heathens though. One liked to throw poop at me, I think she does it on purpose. They both have issues because before my twin got them they weren't treated like they should have been.

I am there with you, I don't want children, I think people always ask why but I don't think that needs to be justified. I think if someone doesn't want kids that, that should be good enough, if someone realizes that they wouldn't be a good candidate for parenthood that is a good thing. Like there are so many people who have kids and should't be parents, we don't need more out there (though people like us would be way better than them.)

As a teen I always helped take care of my little sisters (with my twin) and our younger neighbor, tbh I am a very motherly person, I just don't want actual children. It sucks because you never choose to have children, your sister did and while they all are probably better off, she choose to have them, not you or your parents. My neighbors took in their two nephews and they already have two daughters, my neighbor her brother died so they didn't want them to go to foster care because where I live it would not be good. If it was the city and not this small town than it might have been okay. I feel so bad for my neighbor because the boys and girls don't get along well, and she tries so hard, she is a really good person.

I've changed diapers before and they aren't fun, my little sister before her son died this year was like the only difference is was that you(she) had to do it because no one else would do it for you, but poop is poop. She only said that pregnancy and giving birth in general gave her a harder stomach. (the baby's father sure as hell wasn't going to help.)

What is funny is that out of four of us sisters that three of us don't want children. I know my one sister wants to eventually try again for another baby, but her son's death hurt her a lot. It's was hard because I was there when he passed. I loved him, and I love children, but like you I just don't want any for myself. I've heard it also, your change your mind, it's different when it's yours but I'm 31, and if I decide I want to take care of a kid I will visit my neighbors and then be like nope.

I always joke that if I decide to adopt that it will be like a 17 year old so that I miss all the horrible parts of their life haha.


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