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Hello Welcome on 9Daily
I do not often update this personal blog because I'm to busy working on wowbeat.

So I'll only write blogs when I have something to tell, which is not often.


Hello February
Hello readers
Sorry that I'm not that active but sometimes I don't have anything to tell.
So today a new month has started and in the Netherlands it's very cold at the moment, I'm expecting snow soon.

I'm very excited for February 21 since my best friend has bought me a birthday present even though it's not my birthday yet.

But she got me a kpop concert ticket for Dreamcatcher and it's a VIP + Fanmeeting ticket. Honestly it was very expensive but she insisted it that we go together and have fun. So I'm very excited for that to happen.

The icon in this post has been made by me and you can find more on wowbeat. It's from the Dreamcatcher - Fly High icons.


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