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Thank you for visiting 9Daily! I hope you have enjoyed reading the blogs that i write sometimes.

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What i have been doing?
Hello Everyone
So I have decided to delete most of my posts because of some reasons. So I'm basicly starting over and i'll start working on a new layout for 9daily soon.

So what have i been doing?
First Time at Disneyland
well in August I went to Disneyland in Paris with a friend and it was really fun! I ended up in a wheelchair a day later because my legs didn't want to walk anymore but i still had fun.

Struggling with a lot of personal stuff
My health is still a bitch, sometimes i cannot walk and i still feel tired 24/7. I won't mention more because it's personal and i will also not answer any questions about.

wowbeat is no longer a one person site, i'm working together with Astrid. We both write reviews and such and make kpop profiles. So if you have any questions for me then ask them here and if you ask it on wowbeat then i'll with reply with 9daily.


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