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Hello visitor,
seems like you have come across to my little blog 9Daily.

What is 9Daily? a small blog in the World Wide Web owned by Nine.

You can find here blogs about my hobbies such as photography and making graphics.

Have fun exploring the blog.

Site Info

Name: 9Daily
Version: 8
Edition: GFRIEND SinB & Yuju
Since: 2018.09.30
Country: The Netherlands

Music Video

How is everyone doing?
I'm being quite busy these days with working and my new hobby which is diamond painting and beside that of course I have been making a lot Twitter covers lately. I'm happy that I'm that in creative mood so you can expect more updates.

So these are the twitter covers that I have made, 1 of IU and the other one is Eric Nam which I like a lot more design wise. You can ONLY use the twitter covers on twitter.

image host image host

I also made a header that can be used on stylesheet and it's featuring Selena Gomez. I'm going to try to make more non kpop stuff in the future.

image host

The header is 700x300 and it cannot be edited, you CANNOT put your website name on it or change the colors. Use it the way it is.

Oh 9Daily is also back on twitter with a new account. https://twitter.com/9Daily1


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Other Headers
 - The headers are NOT allowed to be edited, so you cannot add your website name on it! or change the colors of the headers.
- You can use the headers for a stylesheet.
- Give 9Daily a credit when you are using the header.

I can hear your voice in my mind
Made By: Nine
Size: 700 x 300
Featuring: Selena Gomez


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